Chess Universe



    • What is Chess Universe?

      Chess Universe is a fun chess game where the player can learn how to play chess, play with friends, with a computer, or enter competitions.
    • How do I get started & download Chess Universe?

      You can download the app here for Android and here for iOS.
    • How do I save my progress in the Chess Universe app?

      You can create an account with your email in the settings menu. After you receive a confirmation mail, you have to click the activation link in it for the account to be created and then you can login in the app. Your elo points, your unlocked Collection items, your pets and solved tower puzzles will be connected with your account. We recommend you to create an account right after you first open the Chess Universe app.
    • How can I chat with my friends on Chess Universe?

      You can use our chat option in the app by clicking the envelope icon located at the top of the screen between the plus icon and settings icon. Once you click it, you click in the bottom right corner the button that says NEW MESSAGE and then you search for the user that you wish to chat with!
    • What is the Glicko rating system?

      We use the Glicko rating system in our game, the Glicko rating system and Glicko-2 rating system are methods of assessing a player's strength in games of skill, such as chess and Go. It was invented by Mark Glickman as an improvement on the Elo rating system, and initially intended for primary use as a chess rating system. Glickman's principal contribution to measurement is "ratings reliability", called RD, for ratings deviation.
    • What are ELO ratings?

      The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in zero-sum games such as chess. Although we use a similar system in the app (Glicko system), we still call it ELO in the app, since systems are very similar and ELO is an internationally known system among chess players.
    • Where do I find my MATCH HISTORY?

      When you click the profile icon from the main screen on the top left, in the right bottom corner there is a button where you can check out your own match history. Within it you get to see a list of all your games, red is loses, green is victories and white is draws.

      When you go to the details of your game, the analysis of your game is shown, and there you can check out the strength of each move you made with four colors: green is optimal, yellow is sub optimal, orange is bad move and red is very bad moves. You can tap any move in that game and get a hint of what the best move in this specific position would be by clicking the "Show a better move" icon in the bottom right corner.
    • How do I get rid of the showing all possible (valid) moves and premoves?

      You can turn on or off the option of showing valid moves. They are by default turned on when you first open the game to help beginners learn the game. The option to turn this feature off enables experienced players who do not like dots being shown to them to disable it. Here is how you do it:

      1. Go to Settings from the main screen by tapping the top right icon
      2. Find the “SHOW VALID MOVES & PREMOVES” setting and toggle it to off
    • How do I fix my disconnect/lag issues?

      If you are having frequent issues with disconnects or lag in your games this is what we recommend:

      Try using a Wifi Connection. Sometimes it is an unstable or too weak Mobile data connection causing the issue. If you are still having connection issues after connection through your wifi, please contact your internet service provider. You may need a faster connection.
    • How do I turn off the ads?

      You can buy any product in the app (IAP) with “No Ads” sign and you will not see banner ads during the game or whole screen ads ever again.
    • Who to contact over any issues in the app?

      We recommend you contact our support team on and they will be more than happy to help you out about any and all chess related topics!
    • How can I learn more about chess?

      For more fun with chess topics we recommend you read our blog posts and find a chess-tastic topic for you to explore! Click the link and discover the world of chess
    • What are the settings I can change of the game?

      When you click the settings button in the top right:

      Change the language of the app

      You get to choose a language to use - the app is translated into six languages:
      English/Russian/Spanish/German/French/Portuguese/ Turkish

      Music on/off

      You can turn the music or sound effect on or off, by default the music and sound is on when you install the game for the first time.

      Auto Promote your pawn

      You can turn autopromote to queen on so that when you reach a promotion square with your pawn in the game you can save yourself time, this is a great feature because sometimes you do not have enough time to manually select which piece to promote your pawn to and auto promotion can come in handy.

      Show valid moves on/off

      You can turn on or off the option of showing valid moves and premoves, they are on by default turned on when you install the game. This option enables some experienced players who do not like lines and dots being shown to them to disable it, here is how and where they do it.

      Time warning alert
      You can put a low on time warning on or off and this is also by default on, this means that you will get an audio alert during your game when you have only 10 seconds left in the game.
    • What is my avatar?

      This is a feature specific to our app, you get to choose your avatar, select and access different skins etc. The avatar also has specific features such as when you click it during a game you get to see all the different emojis that can be sent to your opponent during an online match.
      During the online matches you can also shoot with a cannon at your opponent and you can select different cannons in your collections screen.
      When you tap a door icon on your opponent's avatar throne room (background) you can get to see all the pieces that have been captured during this match.
    • How do I get a Guardian?

      You can Mint a guardian once the sale is open, or in the marketplace once is available.
    • I need help.

      If you are having difficulty, please join our Discord server and receive community support. Our community will be happy to help!
  • Free to Play Gameplay

    • What are the different game modes?

      • Play vs Friend

        Bring your friends and play with them, either online or head-to-head.

        Play Online With Friend
        It is a game mode in which players can invite friends within the game by searching for their nickname.

        There is a white box that says +ADD AN ONLINE FRIEND where you type in the name and then when selected you get to play with the person you chose, you both have to be online so you can send the match request to your opponent/friend. When your opponent is online, the yellow sword icon will indicate this fact. +Bonus feature: once you add your friend, you can use this as an opportunity to chat with them in the game through MESSAGES (currently not yet during the match - this is a planned feature).

        Head To Head
        You are with your friend in person, and you get to play the game in person on one device.
        Options in this mode:
        • Shield: you can disable the shield by simply clicking the shield button and disabling it
        • Evaluate - asses the game and who is in the lead at the moment
        • Hint - provides a hint as to what a good move would be
      • Player vs Computer

        Play against the computer with different difficulties every day. The more you win the harder it gets. There are two main modes:

        Play vs. Computer

        If you tap on the modes (VERY EASY, EASY,MEDIUM, HARD) and play the challenge and win that will earn you keys which will then open various rewards. In this mode you will be starting from a certain position, and with instructions towards what you are supposed to do in order to win the game. For example: “Win in 50 moves”.

        If you click the info icon near the mode (VERY EASY, EASY, MEDIUM, HARD) you are able to adjust the level of the computer opponent by watching a rewarded video, this is great for players because after watching a short video they get to adjust the level of the opponent they want to play with. The adjustment can be to play with an easier opponent or a harder one.

        Practice Match
        You can set difficulty, set the color with which you want to play, also set time per game or set helpful hints, evaluation of moves and shield against bad moves . The 9 difficulty levels are set up by ELO ratings, and they range from 400 ELO points to 2400 ELO points. 400 is total beginner strength, and 2400 is very strong chess player strength, almost grandmaster who usually has 2500 elo and above.
      • Play online

        Play online
        Play against other players with similar ELO in the different online modes:
        • Tavern: Players can create their own games (decide rules), unlock rewards, and place bets. You can also use hints and other boosters during gameplay
        • Bullet: 30 seconds or 1 minute per match (each person has that total amount of time to win)
        • Blitz: 3 or 5 minutes per match (each person has that total amount of time to win)
        • Rapid: 10 or 15 minutes per match (each person has that total amount of time to win)
        • Easy tempo: 1 minute per move, without limit for the match
      • Chess Academy

        Learn the basics of chess by solving challenges and puzzles with the chessboard. Every academy is called “towers” and there are a total of 21, comprising a selection of learning opportunities for our players.


        Checkmate Tower: An easy difficulty level with 35 checkmate puzzles that challenge you to mate your opponents in a specific number of moves.

        Sacrifice Pit: An easy level tower, where we guide players through the fascinating world of sacrificing pieces in chess for the purpose of winning or gaining advantage.

        Boxing Arena: An easy level tower, where players get to sharpen their skill.

        Chess Brainery: An easy difficulty level tower, with 30 levels you need to choose your moves wisely and finish challenges in time.

        Checkmate playground: An easy difficulty level tower, with 50 levels where we teach our players different ways of checkmating their opponent through checkmate puzzles.

        Alchemy Lab: An easy difficulty level tower, with 30 levels, inspires our players to practice as much as possible and learn more.

        Checkmate palace: An easy difficulty level, with 100 levels provides our players with 100 chess puzzles to solve that are a combination of typical mating constructions, motifs and attacks.


        ABC School: A medium difficulty level tower, with 20 puzzles to solve and at certain levels you are rewarded with items to be used in the game.

        Checkmate maze: This is a medium difficulty level tower that gives our players the opportunity to earn rewards by moving though the chess puzzle maze.

        Opening Tricks Spire: A medium level tower, where players can learn amazing and useful chess openings. Keep in mind this is one of the most important parts to winning in chess, knowing your opening moves well.

        Hall of Fame: A medium difficulty tower, where players get to experience playing from the positions of world champions, 30 wins owns the Hall of Fame.

        Queens of Chess: A medium difficulty level tower, here in 50 levels we present the best games of women in chess to date. This is a very fun tower, where we want to encourage our players to explore to embrace all genders in chess.

        Double Attack Colosseum: A medium difficulty level tower made up from 50 levels in which layers learn all about the tactic of double attack as one of the most important tactics to know in chess.

        ABC College: Medium level difficulty, with 30 levels in total aimed at reward collecting and skill sharpening.


        Fisher’s kingdom: This tower is dedicated to the 50 best games of ex World Champion from USA Robert Fisher. Players can enjoy both the games played by a chess legend and also learn helpful tips on how to improve their skills.

        Garry’s Keep: This is a hard difficulty level tower dedicated to yet another amazing chess player, ex World Champion Garry Kasparov. His brilliant moves keep players on their toes, pushing them to think harder and get better.

        Shogun Stronghold: A hard level tower, where you must have 30 wins in order to push forward. Versatile challenges await those who venture in.

        Tal’s Wizardry: A hard difficulty level tower where we present the beautiful and fun games of Mikhail Tal, the ex World Champion and magician from Riga.

        Gemstone Mine: A hard difficult level tower, here we encourage our players to play 30 levels in order to win in this tower, here we make it a point for them to not shy away from making mistakes because that is also a manner of progressing in chess.

        ABC Race Track: It is a hard difficulty level tower, it has 30 levels and the puzzle solving is time limited. So our players are encouraged to think fast but clear and make the right move in the allotted time.

        Citadel of Champions: A hard difficulty tower, with 100 levels! Chess has produced 20 world champions only, so in this tower our players get to experience the complexity of their moves and the beauty of such playing. It is a very challenging tower.

        IN GAME VIEW:

        In the first column there are the EASY LEVEL towers.
        In the second, middle column there are MEDIUM LEVEL towers.
        And finally, in the right column there are HARD level towers.
    • What are the different boosters and their uses?

      • Hint: Very useful booster. It will suggest up to 3 best moves in any given situation. Use them when you get stuck in the academy levels, tavern, daily challenges, or during the match analysis.
      • Evaluate: This booster is also mostly used in the tavern where it calculates and displays current game evaluation and shows which player has a better board position.
    • Is this a bug or a chess move?

      The en passant capture is a move that allows a pawn that has just advanced two squares to be captured by a horizontally adjacent enemy pawn. The capturing pawn moves to the square that the advancing pawn passed over; the advancing pawn is captured as if it had advanced only one square. Such capture is permitted only on the turn immediately after the two-square advance; it cannot be done on a later turn. En passant is the only capture in chess where the capturing piece does not take the captured piece's place.

      • Both of the pawns occupy the same rank.
      • The capturing pawn is adjacent to the enemy pawn.
      • The enemy pawn move two squares on the previous move. (If the right to capture en passant is not exercised immediately, it is subsequently lost.)

      Castling is a move in the game of chess in which a player moves the king two squares toward a rook on the same rank and moves the rook to the square that the king has crossed. It is the only move in chess in which a player moves two pieces in the same move, and it is the only two-square king move

    • I won but it’s considered a draw, why?

      You win if any of the following happens:
      • Checkmate: The king is in check and the player has no legal move. (See check and checkmate in the screens //Need to add)
      • Resignation: A player may resign, conceding the game to the opponent. Most tournament players consider it good etiquette to resign in a hopeless position.
      • Win on time: In games with time control, a player wins if the opponent runs out of time, even if the opponent has a superior position, as long as the player has a theoretical possibility to checkmate the opponent were the game to continue.
      • Forfeit: A player who cheats violates the rules or violates the rules of conduct specified for the particular tournament can be forfeited. Occasionally, both players are forfeited.
      It is considered a draw if any of the following happens:
      • Stalemate: If the player to move has no legal move, but is not in check, the position is a stalemate, and the game is drawn.
      • Dead position: If neither player is able to checkmate the other by any legal sequence of moves, the game is drawn.
      • Draw by agreement: In tournament chess, draws are most commonly reached by mutual agreement between the players. The correct procedure is to verbally offer the draw, make a move, then start the opponent's clock.
      • Threefold repetition: This most commonly occurs when neither side is able to avoid repeating moves without incurring a disadvantage.
      • Fifty-move rule: If during the previous 50 moves no pawn has been moved and no capture has been made, either player can claim a draw.
  • Play to Earn Gameplay

    • What is a Guardian?

      Guardians are NFTs that provide powerful play to earn benefits inside Chess Universe. Each Guardian guarantees its owner a unique bonus multiplier in daily relic quests, rewarding the owner currency which can be used to purchase new NFTs.
    • What Guardian Should I Equip?

      Each Guardian has a unique set of traits that determines the relic quest multiplier they offer the owner - the higher the multiplier the better the rewards!
    • How Many Guardians Can I Equip?

      You can equip up to 3 Guardians in game at any given time, but can purchase as many as you are able to grab up on drop day or the secondary market.
    • What Blockchain Will The Guardians Be Minted On?

      Guardians will be minted on the Polygon Chain.
    • Will There Be A Whitelist?

      Yes, we will be offering an exclusive Guardians pre-sell for white listed community members. Be sure to join us on Discord for your chance to get on the list!
    • How Can I Mint My Guardian?

      Stay tuned, details on the Gen0 Guardian drop will be revealed on our Discord soon!!
    • Where Can I View My Guardian?

      You can view your equipped Guardians in-game and any owned Guardian in your NFT Wallet or in your Chess Universe Account.
    • How Rare Is Each Guardian?

      Each Guardian’s rarity is determined by a series of traits, the rarer the combination of traits, the rarer the Guardian. Our first Guardian drop will feature our rarest and most powerful Guardians - so be sure to join us on Discord for your best chance to get in on the drop.
    • What is a wallet?

      A crypto wallet is a software program or physical device that allows you to store your crypto and allow for the sending and receiving of crypto transactions. A crypto wallet consists of two key pairs: private keys and public keys. A public key is derived from the private key and serves as the address used to send crypto to the wallet.
    • Do I Need a Wallet To Play Chess Universe?

      You do not need a Wallet to Play Chess Universe, However, creating a wallet will allow you to access the game’s play to earn features and NFT drops.
    • What Wallets are Accepted?

      We will support Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and all WalletConnect type wallets.
    • How Can I Create A Wallet?


    • What is the Utility Currency of The Game And Its Uses?

      Play to Earn enabled players can earn our Utility Currency, Relics, by completing daily relic quests in-game. Earned Relics can be exchanged for Chess Crystals which can be used to purchase more NFTs or exchange for your local fiat currency on exchanges.
    • Will There Be A Governance Token, What Will Be Its Use?

      Relics earned through completing daily quests can be exchanged for Chess Crystals, our Governance token which can be used to purchase new NFTs. Players who own and equip Guardian NFTs in game will receive a multiplier bonus which allows them to earn exponentially more Relics daily.
    • What Can I Do With My Guardian?

      Guardian’s unlock incredible earning potential in-game. Each Guardian guarantees its owner a specific Relic Multiplier, meaning you can earn many times the daily rewards of non-Guardian owners - increasing your Play to Earn potential. You can also equip up to three Guardians at a time, accelerating your daily Relic earnings.
  • Community & vision

    • Where Can I Meet Other Members of The Chess Universe Community?

      You can join us on Discord to meet other players, get the latest news on Chess Universe, Upcoming Drops, Whitelist Access and more!
      You can also join us on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram for awesome Chess Universe content and news.
    • Who Created The Artwork for Chess Universe?

      The artwork was developed by Kings of Game, the makers of Chess Universe.
    • What’s So Special About Chess Universe?

      Designed by Chess Masters, Chess Universe offers a fun, immersive, educational and challenging experience for players of all skill levels from beginner to master. Chess Universe has been downloaded by over 7 million players, who’ve become part of an immense community of chess enthusiasts from around the world connecting around their love of the game and desire to improve their skills!